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To attend the conferences Jacques Monod, an abstract submission is mandatory,

Registrations request without abstract submission will not be processed, except in specific

cases (i. g. for Publishers : please contact chairperson).

Mandatory documents required

Scientists and PhD Students interested in the meeting should deposit on line, before the dead line :

  • 1 file containing the abstract of their presentation in the format TemplateResumeFile

  • 1 other single file containing :

    - curriculum vitae

    - list of the main publications for the last 3 years

    - proof of the student status

Registration steps

1- Login by creating  an account HAL or an account Sciencesconf login

2 - Go to Submissions

 Submit an abstract


Name your document : AbstractFirstnameLastname


choose a topic (this choice will be modified or accepted when reviewing)

Next step

Add a speaker's affiliation, if not present

Next step

Upload the file containing your abstract (AbstractFirstnameLastname.docx) ( (sorry, at the present time, it is written in french : choisir un fichier instead of browse) and upload

In Supplementary data, Upload the file (PersonalDataFirstnameLastname.pdf) containing your CV + Main publications for the last 3 years + possibly Proof of your student status : choisir un fichier and upload

(Type of file : Other)

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